7 Things you actually need for your Toddler

We live in a consumer driver world. Companies are becoming more and more aggressive at their marketing and advertising strategies. We’re told we need the newest gadgets and the latest trends to be happy and efficient. I beg to differ. In the short year that I have been a mother I have found the less that I have the smoother my days go.

In light of my compulsive drive to own zero things ( ok not really but sorta) I thought it’d be helpful to compile a list of the 7 things that I actually use every single day for my 1 year old boy. From dawn to dusk these are things that I use and absolutely love!

1. Avonchy Bowl: This bowl has been an absolute game changer for me. Eric is a very passionate aggressive eater so you an imagine the many bowl tosses that have been avoided by simply having a suction bowl. He eats oatmeal nearly every morning for breakfast so this bowl is in heavy rotation. And I love that fact that it is bamboo and not plastic. Since researching how incredibly harmful plastics are to our body I can not justify using plastics, especially for a little toddler.

2. Avonchy Toddler Plate: Eric started eating with the baby led weaning method. If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s basically just a concept of allowing your baby to pick and choose what he/she wants to eat off of their plate and allowing them to finger feed themselves instead of offering purees, etc. Although it didn’t happen every-time, by goal was to provide Eric with some sort of protein, vegetable, and fruit at every meal time. This plate was fantastic since it allowed his different categories to be separated.

3. Green Sprouts Sip & Straw Cup: This cup has been a favorite for both Eric and I. I love this cup for so many reasons but mostly because A.) It has a straw! and B). It’s glass! I will say there are more parts to this sippy cup than most conventional cups but I absolutely love it. It has a wide enough straw for Eric to guzzle his much loved smoothies. It’s a win win all around.

4. Feather the Owl Diffuser: I’m fairly certain you all knew this one was coming. But seriously this is the most darling little diffuser I have ever seen. It was specifically designed to be used by children so there aren’t 187 different parts. It’s super easy to fill up, power on, and put back together. Eric loved touching his toes to change the light settings. Not only down it have 3 different diffuser options, and changing lights, it also has a built in noise maker! What?! This was the best purchase of the year.

5. Upright carseat: This is kind of a no brainer but don’t get me started on this carseat. First up, I know it’s a splurge. But hear me out. When you live through the first year of your babies life dreading car rides because of the non-stop screaming you will pay nearly any amount to get them a carseat that they actually like. We knew that we wanted to invest in a carseat that will last us a very long time because ya know… I want lots of babies. This has hands-down been the best investment we made. It reclines WAY back so that he can sleep for hours if he wants. Literally he slept for over two hours in his carseat today while we were on a mini road trip. When he woke up I just pulled his little recliner lever and he sat straight up. Best. thing. ever.

6. Copaiba Oil: Eric has always been a hard teether. High fevers, digestive distress, not wanting to eat, sleepless nights, you name it. This little bottle of oil has legit saved this families sanity. I can tell on days when Eric is so irritable because of his gums pushing through new teeth, but this oil has been such a huge help in relieving some of the discomfort and allowing him some relief so he can go play and not be so miserable. I’ll take one drop on my finger and rub it directly onto his gums and I can tell an instant difference in his behavior. I would be irritable to with razor sharp teeth slicing through my poor 1 year old gums.

7. Otoscope: Last but most certainly not least. This otoscope has been such a life saver. My sister told me to invest in an otoscope before I actually need it because she said chances are it’s only a matter of time until I do. So I bought one last November and I think every single mother should have one! Oh my goodness! This little ear scope has saved us literally hundreds of dollars from running to the doctor to see what’s going on with Eric. I can immediately tell when his ears are irritating him thanks to this nifty little scope. Even my chiropractor was impressed with my ability to check my babies ears. Moms, don’t wait to buy this till you actually need it!

The list above pretty much sums up the things we actually use for Eric. Clothes, negotiable. Diapers, ok, those are kind necessity. But really, you can do without so many things that modern culture tells you that you need. In all reality all your baby really needs at the end of the day are open arms to love and cuddles them.

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